Tough Questions – Is Abortion is a Women’s Issue, Should MenStay Out of It?

I often get e-mails and messages telling me that I should stay out of the ‘abortion issue’ because I’m a man.  I’ve been told that I have no business getting involved since I can never get pregnant.  Some even go so far as to tell me that, if men could get pregnant, we would make abortion a sacrament.

The problem with this argument is that it’s meant to detract from the key issue of personhood.  Most arguments you will hear from the pro-abortion side are simply rabbit trails meant to steer clear of personhood, the heart of what we are fighting for.

The first mistake is referring to it as the ‘abortion issue.’  While abortion is the largest part of the personhood fight, it is still just one part of the culture of death and the destruction of personhood.

This is not just about women either; it’s about everyone involved including the mother, the father and the baby. To think that the mother of the child being killed is the only one who has any right to an opinion is absurd.   Unfortunately, this argument is often used by men who call themselves pro-life.  They say
that, while they are pro-life, they have no business telling a woman not to kill her child.

Imagine if the rest of the world had that same attitude during the Nazi Holocaust.  “We are not German so we have no right telling them not to kill other people.”  That is an insane argument, no one could agree with a statement like that.  To know about the killing of innocent human persons and do nothing about it because it was ‘none of your business?’ How absurd.

Right now it’s extremely popular to stand up and be a voice for Darfur.  Should we tell people to mind their own business because we’re not from there and therefore have no right to an opinion?  Or should we not be worried about the blatant human rights violations going on in China simply because we are not Chinese?

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  The evil of killing children has triumphed in America for over 35 years now.  This triumph has been fueled by the apathy and denial of this generation.

Have you noticed how popular superhero movies are right now?  We love to see Spiderman or Batman take out the bad guys as we cheer them on from the sidelines.  We teach our kids that crime doesn’t pay and make heroes out of those that fight against evil.  I wonder what kind of lesson we teach them when we ourselves ignore evil because it’s ‘none of our business?’

We know what is happening in abortion mills and doctors’ offices every day.  We know that little baby boys and girls are being destroyed in the name of choice as we turn a blind eye.  Some people are waiting
for the politicians to step up, as if they are going to be like Superman and swoop down to rescue the children right before the doctor’s suction machine destroys them.

Well, as a father, I refuse to wait for some superhero or politician to teach my child a lesson about what is right and wrong.  I refuse to tell my kids that they should take a stand against evil and fight for justice while I sit by and ignore the genocide that is killing one fourth of their generation.

As a man, as a father, and as a human I will not stay out of the ‘abortion issue.’  As human persons we cannot look at abortion simply as a women’s issue. We must see it for what it is: the killing of innocent human persons. We should not get involved because we are men or women, but because we are human and it is our fellow human persons who are facing genocide.

2 responses to “Tough Questions – Is Abortion is a Women’s Issue, Should MenStay Out of It?

  • JDollar

    One could say that abortion is a woman’s issue in the sense that it affects women in a serious way. I mean unplanned preganncy is a big issue for a lot of women and I would never want to diminsh the problems they may go through. Dealing with a pregnancy is a difficult situation. So yes you can look at abortion from a women’s rights perspective but thats not the only perspective there is. This is not just a women’s issue it is an issue that affects everyone really, so it’s not fair for women to monoploize any discussion or decisions about this.

    You can also argue that this is a man’s issue because often times the man has no say in what happens and has to just sit back and watch their child be aborted. It can be very devastating for them and the man should most certainly have a say in this because it is his child too. Just because he can’t give birth, doesn’t mean he has less rights to what happens to the child. Pro-choice women seem to think just because the man can’t get pregnant, he somehow has no authority over the baby.

    There is also a racial component to this, abortion disproportionatly affects blacks and other minorities, the AA race is on a decline because of this. To say this is just about women ignores a racial disparity in our country that needs to be addressed.

    There is also an economic factor to this, a lot of economists would argue that all the people missing due to abortion would have helped the economy, more people to contribute to society. This may be debatable but the fact is 300,000 abortions a year can have a negative effect on society. Overpopulation is a popular pro-choice argument but no one ever seems to worry about the risk of underpopulation. Just another reason why this is not just a woman’s issue.

    Last but certainly not least, this is also a baby issue, the unborn are the ones losing their lives and they have no say in what is happening. I know some people don’t believe that the fetus is a person but that doesn’t mean you have the right to act on that opinion. You can’t just decide that someone isn’t a person if it fits your women Rights agenda. The government has the right to protect all people born in the U.S. and if there is any doubt about someone being a human, the government should always lean on the side of caution. Especially when pretty much all embryologists are in agreement that a fetus is everything that a full-grown person is. Pro-choice women just brush that aside and talk about their rights. These babies shouldn’t have someone decide for them whether or not they are human and since they can’t talk someone has to speak for them.

    Oh and if women think this issue affects them more than any other group, they should talk to abortion survivors, see what they have to say about rights. They are the ones that abortion is happening to. So if someone argues this is a woman’s issue so men should keep out of it, one could say this is an abortion survivor’s issue and the unaborted have no say in whether abortion is right or not because they didn’t experience it.

  • Mary kimilu

    Abortion is not a women issues but it involves everyone who contributed towards it,the man who impregnated the lady,those who assisted the mother financially and the Doctor who assisted the mother to kill her baby.

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