Tough Questions – I am Against Abortion but I Think it Should Remain Legal so it is Safe

People will argue that even if we are successful in outlawing abortion that it will happen anyway so we need to keep it legal so it can be safe. This is one of the arguments I hear most from people who don’t want to get involved in pro-life work. It is also one of the most absurd arguments I have ever heard.

The very premise of the argument discounts the reason we are against abortion, it kills a human person. How can abortion ever be thought of as safe? The very act of abortion destroys the life of an innocent child, where is the safety in that?

If you follow this logic you can carry it to ludicrous lengths. You can argue that burglary is illegal and yet it happens anyway so why don’t we make it legal so criminals can have a safer time committing this crime. You can argue that rape is illegal yet it happens anyway, so we should open up clinics where someone can commit that crime safely.

These are obviously insane arguments that don’t make sense. The same is true for saying that killing children through abortion will happen no matter what so we need to keep clinics open for people to commit that crime.

This question is really not that tough at all. We have laws to protect people from being harmed by other people.

hom·i·cide  (hom’i-sid’, ho’mi-)  American Heritage Dictionary

1. The killing of one person by another.

2. A person who kills another person.

Imagine if we changed the definition of homicide to look like this:

hom·i·cide  (hom’i-sid’, ho’mi-)  Ridiculous Dictionary

1. The killing of one person by another. (Except when done in a safe medical clinic because someone did not want to take care of the other person)

2. A person who kills another person. (Except when the first person is a doctor who is paid to kill that person by their parents)

Abortion is the killing of one person by another person; therefore it is homicide and should be illegal. It is that simple.

4 responses to “Tough Questions – I am Against Abortion but I Think it Should Remain Legal so it is Safe

  • Brenda Hubbs

    I am against abortion. However, in cases of incest, rape, underage pregnancy, addicticted mothers, and birth defects, abortion should remain safe and legal. Woman and girls should not have to resort to medically unsafe and potentially life threatening back ally abortions performed by untrained individuals. I belive that life should be supported by pre-natal programs, motherhood training programs and job training programs that facilitate successful child rearing. We Christians and citizens against abortion should put our tax dollars and benevolent giving dollars where our mouths are, that is, to help these moms keep their unborn.

    • Casey Robbins

      If you can pull data to show that many more women have died from illegal abortions than children have died from abortions, I’m sure you could have a convincing utilitarian argument. However, that is logically not the case. For every abortion (legal or illegal) performed, at least one child dies. For ever illegal abortion, a fraction of the women dies.

      And I don’t mean to sound cold, but THAT was their choice to have an illegal abortion.

      To say that women who have been victims of rape and incest are entitled to choose abortion as an option, that really reduces the victim of rape to little more than a victimizer. Seems a lot like the mentality of most rapists and molesters (previously victims, now victimizers). Isn’t this completely contrary to the message we want to send to people? “As long as you were a victim, the crime YOU commit is excusable.” I simply don’t buy it.

      BTW, using catchphrases like “Back alley” only serves a pathos purpose in language to evoke certain emotions but there is no ethos in the use of those phrases. In other words, it appeals, by it’s CONNOTATION that illegal abortions are killers and therefore evil. The ethos to that point of view is that “back alley” abortions are unequivocally the choice of a woman to defy law and logic in order to rid themselves of the beautiful gift of a child. That’s no different than anybody else who commits a crime, yet justifies it for convenience or because their situation was so dire they had “no other option”.

      There are always options. Abortion shouldn’t ever be one of them.

    • Casey Robbins

      Also, you call yourself Christian. I pray that you re-examine your stance on this particular aspect of the issue.

      Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart and appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

      This passage isn’t taken out of context at all. Yes, it was said by God to Jeremiah the prophet. But if you believe in the Word of God, then you know He was also speaking to everyone in this passage in the basic sense that He knows us all and has plans for us all EVEN BEFORE we are formed in the womb and while we are still in the womb (Jeremiah 1:29… “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ delared the Lord, ‘Plans of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope’.”

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