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Planned Parenthood Would Make Josef Mengele Proud

Planned Parenthood claims that sex selection abortion falls under women’s health care and women’s rights. – I guess we can say that when Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele was selecting which prisoners were to work and which were to go to the gas chamber he was just protecting the German welfare.  When he selected twins for medical experimentation he was just doing much needed research for the future of health care in Germany and arian rights. Homicide is homicide no matter how you try and spin it. Planned Parenthood would make Josef Mengele proud – Bryan Kemper

Redirecting Shenanigans

Many pro-{abortion}choice advocates will argue that the way to prevent abortion is not by outlawing it, but to push comprehensive contraceptive availability for people. This is avoiding issue of abortion being an act of homicide against a human person. They pretend that pregnancy is a disease that needs to be vaccinated against, and then say that if the vaccine did not work we can just cure the disease with a simple surgery. Pregnancy is not a disease and there is no need for a cure. If anything is a disease, it is the mindset that killing a child in the womb is health care. Abolish Abortion!

But Vanity

Is Calling Abortion Murder Un-loving

Calling the practice of dismembering innocent children in their mother’s wombs wrong is not offensive; our silence while this is happing almost 4,000 times a day is offensive. Proclaiming the truth about abortion in the public square is not un-loving; letting the bloodshed continue unchallenged is un-loving. When gunmen enter a school and start shooting children does anyone worry about being offensive or un-loving when we cry out for those kids? Love compels us to cry out and be a voice, to be silent is offensive to the very God who gave us our voice. – Bryan Kemper

Is Abortion More Important Than Any Other Sin?

Many people ask me why abortion is more important than any other sin. People wonder why we are so adamant about focusing on abortion as opposed to other issues. The answer is simple; abortion is not just a sin. Abortion is a crime against humanity that results in the death of an innocent human person. Abortion is not just an issue, it is a life or death situation, an act of homicide. Certain death is facing almost 4,000 fellow American citizens every day if we don’t act. We see the abortion holocaust at the most important and life threatening tragedy of our generation and the abolition of it is the most urgent call we have. – Bryan Kemper

Abolishing the true war on women

In order to stop the “war on women” we must first stop killing thousands of them a day. When we lie to women and tell them that their child is nothing more that a blob of tissue, we are only advancing that war.  When we charge them hundreds of dollars to scrape their offspring from their womb, we advancing that war. When we tell them that gift of life they have received is a curse or a burden, we advance that war. The war on women is a civil war being fought by a false feminist movement which actually is destroying one of the greatest beauties of being a woman, motherhood. Abolish the true war on women, abortion.

Nicer than Jesus

I wonder if the “nicer than Jesus” or “fluffy love” Christians of the 1940s told people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Sophie Scholl that they were too judgmental for speaking out against the Nazi Regime? I wonder of they said things like, “If we make killing Jews illegal, it is just going to happen anyway,” or “we don’t have a right to judge Hitler, we need to respect him as the leader God gave us and support him.” I highly doubt it. We must stand up, speak out, and refuse to respect the position of those who advocate for the murder of innocent children in their mother’s wombs. Abolish Abortion!

I find it amazing…

I find it amazing that the number of babies I have or have not adopted is a measure of whether or not I can say that killing babies it wrong. The problem is that pro-aborts cannot dispute the fact that the child in the womb is a human person so they must deflect, redirect and change the subject. You can paint any picture over the truth and it does not change the truth that human life begins at the moment of fertilization. Abolish Abortion!

Arguments that just don’t work

Arguments that just don’t work: Abortion should be legal because sometimes it is necessary as nothing is black and white. Really? Would we then say sometimes it is ok to rape, beat your wife or molest a child because noting is black and white? I don’t think so. Some things are always black and white and always wrong. Killing a baby in the womb is always wrong, that is black and white. Abolish Abortion!

If Pro-choice Signs Were Honest

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