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Bryan Kemper is the founder and president of Stand True Ministries, a Christ-centered pro-life group determined to awaken the youth of this country and share the message of life and the Gospel of Christ. In 1987, Bryan started his work in the Christian music industry. He was determined to be a rock star, to stand on a stage and share his testimony between songs, but God had other plans. In 1993, Bryan combined his passion for music and pro-life into one organization, Rock For Life. Since then, Bryan has stood on many stages and shared his testimony with a variety of audiences both here in the States and internationally. A passionate and compelling orator, he has spoken at high schools and Universities around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame,Queens University in Northern Ireland, Cardiff University in Wales and many more. He taken the pro-life message around the world to countries like Ireland, Australia, Scotland, Austria and many more . In the past, he was a regular guest on the television show Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and co-hosted his own call-in cable show in Portland, Oregon. Bryan has been featured on MTV, radio shows, newspapers, and magazines including the cover of the New York Times and a six-page layout in Swing Generation. He has also been featured in three documentary movies. Aside from his speaking, Bryan also writes. His articles have appeared in many magazines and pro-life publications. He also used to be somewhat of a beat poet in a group called Poetic Justice. His poems and songs are mostly centered on the issue of pro-life and, like everything else he does, full of passion. Bryan Kemper has spent years reaching out to youth and encouraging this generation to get involved, and now he has endeavored to continue that outreach with Stand True Ministries. Stand True is an organization that believes the only way to stop abortion is to call out to Jesus and share His love with the nation. It is an organization that asks of young people, "Will you stand?" Bryan has certainly chosen to, and he can only hope and pray that others will too.

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“Miscarriage” and “Stillbirth” – why I hate those words – By Nurse Tammy

This is a guest commentary from our good friend Nurse Tammy, she is a parental bereavement nurse and advisor to Stand True.

We need language to communicate ideas and concepts and sometimes I have to use those words just long enough to establish a rapport with a person – a newly bereaved parent, family member or to teach a student or staff member. No sooner do the words exit my mouth do I explain why they wont hear them from me again.

Both words speak only of processes (and badly at that)  nothing of loss or pain or grief. 

If I could purge one single phrase from our culture it would be “just a miscarriage”. How many times have you heard that phrase? Yet there are so may instances where it is anything but “just” as if that word is somehow going to temper the pain. What if the mom has been infertile for 15 years and this is her first conception ? What if the dad has died or lost his fertility? What if she is older and knows her chances to conceive again are slim? What if she really really didn’t internalize that loss was a possibility and had invested herself in this pregnancy 100%.

When I had a loss at 9 weeks, I had already made some life decisions based on the expected arrival of that baby and undoing those decisions was hard.

When I was pregnant (all 4 times) I thought about the baby/pregnancy at least once a minute every waking minute and sometimes in my dreams. If I was awake 16 hours a day that is 960 times a day 7 days a week = 6720 times to think of them a week for however many weeks. Why is it that an entire culture who watched Titanic and saw Rose & Jack have a 1 week romance (and fully bought the premise that she loved him FOREVER) then reject the idea that a woman who carries within her a baby who lives for 8 or so weeks would have enough of a bond to spark real, deep grief.

Remember also that medically, loss up to 20 weeks is considered “miscarriage”. If you have ever seen a 19 weeker, you would see a person with completely human form – often lovely in appearance ..toenails, ear lobes, nose..the whole deal. I have dressed many “miscarriages” in clothes and hats for thier mothers who love them very much. For parents, there is not generally a magical moment at the beginning of the 20th week that sparks love that didn’t exist before…they loved their 19 week baby as much as a 21 week baby and it is a cruelty of our society that we think any of this should make a difference.

Stillbirth.  What a ghastly inadequate word.

We use it to describe deaths prior to birth between 20 & 40 weeks gestation. People assume that this death shouldn’t be as bad as a neonatal death because the baby didn’t take a breath outside the womb. There is a common misconception that the mom and family hadn’t really bonded with the baby yet. When you carry a living being around in your guts for that long and allow them to kick you from the inside you are regularly reminded that they are real and alive and have a place in your life.

Add to it the foolish idea that the death should somehow hurt LESS because they aren’t born?  Even in terrible circumstances when people learn that a loved one has died, their grief is not compounded by the realization that they must follow through with an unavoidably painful process because their deceased beloved relative is INSIDE them. I have a good friend who coached her sister-in-law through the birth of her deceased baby and the mother said “I don’t want pain medication, I want my body to hurt as much as my spirit does”. And too often my dear ladies return to a world that does NOT respect the magnitude of their pain and loss and has no idea how to support them. We will talk about that another day.

So what do I say if I don’t say “miscarriage” or “stillbirth”? I say “pregnancy loss” and “infant death”; when it crosses over from one to the other is for the mom to define. Whether a baby dies just before of just after birth (although very important in which paperwork we fill out) makes no difference to me in terms of how I refer to the baby or treat the parents / family.

When I speak to families, I give them “permission” (not that they need if from me) to never say those words either. I walk with them in a process to figure out what words describe for them what happened so that when they run into a friend at the Target who asks about the baby, they will feel some assurance that their answer is true to themselves. This often sounds something like “the baby died just before she was born”.

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China: Woman Forcibly Aborted at Seven Months (warning, graphic image)

WARNING: This is the most disturbing photo I have ever posted, a woman lying next to aborted baby she was FORCED to abort in China. Some may ask why I am alway posting about abortion, look at this and understand if we do not stand up now, eventually this will happen here.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has learned that a woman was forcibly aborted at seven months of pregnancy on June 3, 2012.

Original Photo: Feng Jianmei and her baby,high resolution version, Credit: 64Tianwang

Edited Photo – Students for Life of America

According to a report by the China-based human rights organization 64Tianwang, the woman, Feng Jianmei, was beaten and dragged into a vehicle by a group of Family Planning Officials while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was out working. The officials asked for RMB 40,000 in fines from Feng Jianmei’s family. When they did not receive the money, they forcibly aborted Feng at seven months, laying the body of her aborted baby next to her in the bed. Feng is under medical treatment in Ankang City, Zhenpin County, Zengjia Town, Yupin village.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “This is an outrage. No legitimate government would commit or tolerate such an act. Those who are responsible should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. WRWF calls on the United States government and the leaders of the free world to strongly condemn forced abortion and all coercive family planning in China.”

Petition against forced abortion

Stop Forced Abortion — China’s War on Women! Video (4 mins)

Original report about Feng Jianmei

Police Force Pro-lifers To Put Signs On The Ground At Rally On Public Property – Video Of Police Trying To Grab Our Camera While Denying Our First Amendment Rights

This afternoon I  joined concerned citizens from around the Dayton area at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally on the PUBLIC campus of Sinclair Community College. This was an official event sponsored by a campus group and part of a nationwide series of rallies being held today. Bryan was the closing speaker for the rally, invited to speak to the crowd about getting involved and getting active.

As the Rally was starting the campus police informed us that all the signs and banners people were holding must be put on the ground after a complaint from a homosexual advocacy group leader. The police walked around the crowd telling people to put their signs down, that they could not hold them in their hands.

Police claimed a Limited Use Policy which we  have looked up and there is nothing in the policy about signs. –

The policy does express a rule about the distribution of literature which was enforced on me for trying to give away free stickers.  The problem is that this campus is funded with public funds and it is public property. The campus cannot make up rules that trample the first amendment of the constitution.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said, “We praise the Lord for the rallies for religious freedom that occurred today, but something smells fishy in Dayton. Forcing people to put their signs down is certainly not a default activity of law enforcement in a country of free speech. This incident deserves thorough investigation, and we who believe in freedom of speech should press with all our strength to defend it.”

Despite the irony of our rights being taken away, the rally was a huge success. I was the closing speaker for the rally and I was pumped by the time I got to the microphone. I was excited to see so many young people there to take a stand, many of them who after the rally committed to spend time praying at the abortion clinic with Stand True as part of our White Rose Pro-life Summer.

With all of the amazing speakers we had the crowd left energized and emboldened to be a light in the darkness. The police taking away their rights only served to magnify why this rally and this battle are so important. Look out America, the Obama administration has awakened a sleeping giant and we will not back down.

Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, the sponsor of these rallies said “This incident of civil rights infringement in Dayton, OH illustrates precisely why these rallies were needed so badly. Americans are forgetting the importance of faith in the public square secured by our cherished American freedoms. It is a blessing that this mandate has sparked so much celebration of these freedoms and such determination to defend them.”

I want to personally thank Eric Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League for spearheading these rallies. Be assured that Priests for Life is standing strong with you against the injustice of the Obama mandate.

Here are two videos. One is my speech at the rally and the other is a video of the police arguing about the constitution and our rights, one officer even tries to stop us from recording and tells us we cannot video tape as he grabs at our camera.

Here is a photo of the crowd with no signs

OUTRAGE – Planned Parenthood sets up clinic inside a Los Angeles High School

When I first read the headline of this story I was hoping I was reading wrong or that it was a parody. Unfortunately I was reading correctly and this was a real news story. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion has set up one of their death camps inside the walls of a public high school.

From the article in the Daily Caller it appears that the abortion giant will not actually be doing surgical abortions on the campus but they most definitely will be referring and counseling for abortion. They also will be providing free birth control for teens without their parents’ knowledge. I would bet that the school nurse is not even allowed to give kids an aspirin, yet Planned Parenthood can give birth control? Something is just plain wrong with this.

Not only is Planned Parenthood setting up camp in the school, they are going to train and use the kids to spread their poison to other kids. 

“Planned Parenthood also trains Roosevelt students to market its services to their peers by talking to them about sexually transmitted diseases and how to avoid getting pregnant.”

As a parent I am appalled that not only are they allowed to have a clinic on the campus but are openly using kids to market abortion and promiscuity to other kids. Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of our tax dollars and now they are being given front row access to our kids, this should enrage parents.

I want to know if when the history teacher is teaching about the Nazi Holocaust in class that they are also told about Planned Parenthood’s founder’s connection with Hitler’s Nazi regime?

Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing children and for them to be allowed near our children is deplorable. They prey on kids and peddle their cycle of death to them; sex, condoms, abortion and start over again. They create a destructive pattern of activities that are dangerous and have no place in our schools.

Over the past few years Live Action has been exposing Planned Parenthood for what they really are. They have done undercover investigations showing Planned Parenthood covering for pimps seeking abortions for underage sex slaves. They have recently shown Planned Parenthood coaching girls how to get a sex selection abortion. 

How can an organization that would help a sex trafficker be allowed near teenage girls? Where is the outrage in Los Angeles, is anyone thinking with an ounce of discernment?

I talked to Kristina Garza from the Southern California based organization, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and asked about what they will be doing about what is happening in their front yard.

Kristina has this to say:

“CBS News makes no qualms about calling Planned Parenthood’s business deal exactly what it is: “setting up shop” in our public schools.  The fact that Planned Parenthood is garnering business directly from LA Unified School District is not news, though.  LAUSD and Orange County school employees have been taking high school girls to Planned Parenthood for abortions during school hours, without their parents’ knowledge for years.

Planned Parenthood also recruits life-long clients from our public schools by teaching sexual education that promotes promiscuity to students as young as 5 years old, providing free condoms and birth control to high school students, and advertising in public school newspapers.  

Planned Parenthood claims that they will reduce the number of teen pregnancies at Roosevelt High, but, in fact, they will just increase the number of pregnancies that end in abortion.  We are disgusted by Planned Parenthood’s blatant and desperate attempt to take over our public school systems with it’s death-dealing business agenda, and will not let the Roosevelt High School death camp go unnoticed.  

Students deserve to know the truth about Planned Parenthood, and Survivors will 1.) Expose Planned Parenthood’s lies about “sexual health,”  

2.) Make sure the public knows that Planned Parenthood unashamedly protects child predators and circumvents the proper roll of parents in students’ lives, and 3.) Continue to show students the reality of abortion, of which Planned Parenthood is the number 1 provider in the world.  Planned Parenthood cannot be trusted and must be stopped from preying on our students by setting up shop on our public schools.”

Father Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life commented, “This is actually a great opportunity for the pro-life movement to implement a project we at Priests for Life took up years ago: to train local taxpayers to alert their school district to the liability that partnership with Planned Parenthood brings. Planned Parenthood breaks the law left and right, covering up sexual abuse of minors, for example. For a school district to partner with an organization like Planned Parenthood is like a school district buying a swing set from a company who produces defective swing sets that have hurt and killed children in the past. Taxpayers should start bringing this up in school board meetings.”

The Priests for Life Youth Outreach will work along side Survivors, Live Action and other organizations to confront this atrocity and continue to expose the Planned Parenthood for who they are. This is the generation who will abolish abortion; we will not sit silently while predators like Planned Parenthood are targeting the youth of America.

Read the original story from the Daily Caller at:

Modesty Honors Beauty – by Sarah Howell

First, let’s get this straight: Modesty isn’t just putting on more clothes. Modesty is honoring God by acknowledging the value He placed on your body when He created you. If it were just about clothes, then Adam and Eve would have been created wearing something more than skin. Modesty isn’t about your closet, it’s about having a heart bold enough to throw aside that which society tells us, and hold on to that which God tells us: That we are a beautiful creation wrapped in the wonder and glory of the perfect artist.

Today’s world of advertising will never tell you that. Girls, you will never hear an advertisement tell you how beautiful you already are. Instead, it will tell you how beautiful you will become if you do this or buy that. And, even more disappointing, that end result of “beauty” will have nothing to do with your true self; it will have everything to do with the exploitation of your sexuality. Guys, you will rarely see an advertisement that encourages you to be a respectable man who spends his whole life loving one woman, but you will see plenty that tell you success is measured in how many scantily clad females your deodorant can attract.

Are we really so surface? Is there not more to us than an insatiable sex drive?

In today’s media–commercials, music videos, movies, and television programs–the bottom line is that sex sells. Always. Why? Because, at some point, we actually started to believe that sex was a measure of success. Women think they have to be sexy, meaning constantly willing to have sex, just to be beautiful. And men think that they have to have sex, a lot of sex, to be worth something. And when you take those two ideas, and throw them into fashion and pop culture, you inevitably come up with styles and trends that depend upon the targeting of our sexuality. That which God created for mystery, becomes a commodity, and something glorious becomes commonplace.

This is where modesty comes in. Modesty is the decision to reclaim our bodies and tell this society that we do not need to sell ourselves to one another just to feel worthy. Modesty is a girl’s decision to encourage a guy in purity by accentuating her love for Christ, not the curve of her hip. Modesty is a guy’s decision to prove himself a man by running after God, not by making himself physically available to every girl. Modesty is choosing to let your beauty speak of Love, not lust.

Choosing to be modest is not sentencing yourself to a life of baggy clothes and long dresses. That’s not what this is about. Modesty, quite simply, is daring to live a life submitted to God. It is choosing to live outside of the norm.

Are you daring enough to be modest?

Commentary by Sarah Howell for Stand True Pro-life Outreach

Do You Believe In What We Do At Stand True? If So Please Read This.

Stand True Pro-life Outreach June Fundraising Goal – $3,500 for the White Rose Summer Mission

First let me tell you how we have cut costs here at the office to make your donations go further.

1. Using bikes and skateboards to go to the bank, post office or even getting to and from the office. Both Victor and I are walking and riding whenever possible to make sure we spend as little on gas as possible. However as we start our three days a week outreach to the abortion clinic we will have to drive and use gas.

2. No air conditioning this summer. We will use fans and open windows all summer to save on electricity which was such a major expense all winter.

3. Last weekend we sold water at the Troy, OH Strawberry Festival and cut $400 off of what we need to raise for June. Our total is now just $3,100 for June’s expenses which includes a trip to Washington DC for the National Right to Life convention.

4. Next weekend we will hold a car wash to try and raise a few hundred more dollars to buy literature for the the summer.

5. As we have told you before we have stopped sending out regular mail fundraising letters and are doing all of Stand True’s fundraising via the internet and e-mail.

Even with all of this we still must fund raise each month to make sure the mission of Stand True continues. Please click here and make a donation today to help reach our June goal: or click on donate at the top of this page.

As the White Rose Pro-life Summer is starting we have several things that must be done soon, we must raise $3,100 soon.

1. We will need to print thousands more pro-life postcards to distribute this summer as well as replenishing our literature shelves.

2. Food and supplies for the White Rose Missionaries.

3. We will be traveling to Washington DC, Bushnell, IL and Gilford, NH.

4. We need to have several new signs and banners made for our weekly outreach to the farmers market and Democratic Headquarters.

5. We need several bunk beds made here at the missionary apartment.

These are just a few of the extra costs we will have over the summer, I hope you can make a generous donation today to help Stand True make a huge impact this summer.

Please click here and make a donation today to help reach our June goal: or click on donate at the top of this page.

If you can donate $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or any other amount it will help us to continue to fulfill our mission.

You can also mail a donation to: Stand True. PO Box 890. Troy, OH 45373

You can phone in a CC donation to 540-538-2581

Stand True operates through the generosity of you, our supporters. Please consider committing to being a monthly partner with Stand True: pledge to donate $10, $25, $50, $100 or any other amount to Stand True each month to partner with us. If you want to pledge monthly support you can e-mail to let us know your pledge.

Please click here and make a donation today to help reach our June goal: or click on donate at the top of this page.

Bryan Kemper
Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life
Stand True
PO Box 890 * Troy, OH 45373
Tel 540.538.2581

National Abortion Federation Encourages Woman To Forge Legal Documents To Get Sex Selection Abortion

In Arizona it is against the law to have an abortion based on sex or race. In the latest video by Live Action we see the National Abortion Federation not only tell a woman to lie about the sex selection abortion but she also tells her to forge legal documents. Live Action at their web site has released the videos now showing abortion clinics coaching girls on sex selection abortions.

This is just one more component of the Real War On Women as I have pointed out in this article –

The aging pro-abortion movement might just disappear as this pro-life generation emerges as the overwhelming majority and exposes the true war on women.

This last weekend the Troy, OH Strawberry festival had to move to downtown Troy because of work on one the two bridges over the river that divides the city.  With the festival being set up downtown it put the Stand True office and missionary apartment right in the heart of the action.

On Saturday morning we got up early and set up a huge pro-life display across the front of our building. We had 5 foot tall banners of each stage of life development creating a 30 wide billboard across the front of the building.  It was the perfect position as the most popular item of the Strawberry festival, the strawberry donuts were being sold next door at the Elks Lodge. (over 12,000 dozen donuts were sold)

Along with the life development display we had a literature table with fetal models set up on the sidewalk. As the thousands of festival goes started to line up for their donuts we were excited by how many people who stopped to read through all of the stages of life and really examine the pictures.  

Immediately we noticed how the parents would walk their children down the line and explain to them how they developed in their mom’s womb.  I saw hundreds of pregnant women excited to point out how far along they were and show everyone what their baby looked like.  I want to emphasize that NOT ONE person proclaimed what stage their fetus was, but what stage their baby was at.

We had also set up a table to sell water and lemonade to make a few dollars for the Stand True Summer Mission and people were buying water and telling us to keep the change for the cause.  Understand this is not a Christian festival and the crowd was just your typical community fair type crowd.

We were commenting to each other about how few negative comments we received over the two days we set up, which we could count on our fingers. The thing that stood out about the few negative comments we got each day was not what they said as much as who said it. Almost every negative comment came from an older woman or a man.

I watched, as parents of a college age girl were frustrated because their daughter was excited about our display and very vocally pro-life. They were not happy when she put a donation into our jar.  I could see the pain on the faces of couple of women who were obviously post-abortive as they cursed us for having a display showing life. Appalling, disgusting, sick; these are just a few of the words I heard about there beautiful pictures of children developing in the womb.

One guy walked by making jokes about how we should kill lots of babies, his friends were obviously disturbed by his comments. I would not be surprised if this guy has paid for or taken part in pressuring a woman into an abortion.

I was honestly heart broken as I watched these older women scoffing at what should be something we celebrate. I watched as a grandma was walking with her young grand daughter mumbling curses at us. I wonder how she can look at her beautiful grand child and still support the killing of innocent children?

Some people try and argue that we saw this divide in age because are based in a small town in Ohio, but that is not the case. I wrote an article back in March about my trip to the March for Life in Brussels, Belgium and how I watched the same thing at the pro-choice march the day before. What I saw there was an aging crowd at the march for abortion and a majority youth crowd at the pro-life march.

Just a couple of years ago the head of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) wrote about how she was shocked when she exited a train in Washington, DC and noticed how young the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers were at the annual March for Life.

The fact is, this generation is more pro-life then ever before and the pro-abortion forces are aging and less and less relevant. Twenty years ago when I wore a pro-life t-shirt on an airplane or in a mall I would get dirty looks or even be asked to turn it inside out or not wear it in certain businesses. Today when I wear my pro-life t-shirts I am constantly complimented and asked where I got the shirt.

Yes there are remnants of young women who have been lied to and made to think that the pro-life movement is waging a war on them, however the true war is being waged on them by the very lie they are supporting. The abortion industry relies on the deception that pro-life is somehow an assault their rights of a woman when the actual assault the destruction of the gift of motherhood though abortion.

Women have been given the gift of being able to conceive, carry and give birth. The ironically named feminist movement has reversed that blessing into a curse and convinced so many that abortion is gift.  They were able to distort the beauty of life in the womb into a burden or disease that needed a cure.  They blurred the line between healthcare and homicide and created an industry of death that rakes in billions of dollars on the blood of their own offspring.

Thank fully there are now young women who have stepped up and cried out and shined the light on the true war on women; young leaders who will reclaim the word feminist and tell women the truth about the beauty of motherhood. I am proud to stand side by side and work with some of the most amazing young women on the planet.  Lila Rose, Abby Johnson, Kaitlin Martinez, Kristina Garza, Kristan Hawkins, Elizabeth McClung, Brandi Swendell, Kate Bryan, Elizabeth Hickson; I can go on and on with names of more heroes who are leading this new generation of pro-life women who will change the world.

A great example of a true hero to women is Lila rose who recently released videos showing Planned Parenthood coaching women on how to get a sex-selection abortion. While this infuriates most people, the aging and deceived abortion rights movement defends this as a woman’s right. Lila and her Live Action team are exposing these lies; they are showing the world that the selective killing of women is just another facet of the true war on women.

Just last week my wife gave birth to our seventh child and fourth girl. We joked about this child being our tiebreaker as we anxiously waited until her birth to know what sex she was going to be. The day she was born was the day that Live Action released the first video exposing the sex-selection scandal and it really hit home to me.

Coraline is not only a survivor of the abortion holocaust as she is one of seven children in an age when one in four are aborted; she is a survivor as little girls are being targeted for murder in order for families to have boys. It may not be as prevalent here in America as it is in China, but it is happening here also.

My oldest daughter turned 13 years old a week before her younger sister was born, she is now a teenager. I look at her and pray for God to guide me as I try and raise her into a woman the caliber of her mother and women like Lila and the rest of our young pro-life heroes I listed. I know it is because of the work of women like Kristen Hawkins and Kristina Garza that my daughter will have true feminist heroes to look up to. I know that seeing the example of a mother who embraces the gift of being a mom that she will have a fighting chance defeating the real war on women.

Please check out from Live Action

I may be a man and some may say that my voice or opinion does not matter in this battle. I say that as a true man I not only have the right to raise my voice, but I am obligated to take a stand. As a father I have a responsibility to not only raise my daughters to be heroes for future women but to also support and stand behind the true female heroes that are paving the way for my daughters.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are right, there is a war on woman. The problem is that they are only talking about it to cover up the fact that they are the true aggressor and enemy to women.  Abortion kills thousands of women every single day in America alone and until this war is over and all women are protected, I will be in this battle fighting not just for my daughters but also for all daughters worldwide.

Planned Parenthood Would Make Josef Mengele Proud

Planned Parenthood claims that sex selection abortion falls under women’s health care and women’s rights. – I guess we can say that when Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele was selecting which prisoners were to work and which were to go to the gas chamber he was just protecting the German welfare.  When he selected twins for medical experimentation he was just doing much needed research for the future of health care in Germany and arian rights. Homicide is homicide no matter how you try and spin it. Planned Parenthood would make Josef Mengele proud – Bryan Kemper

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